News - 27 February 2007

Realisation Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam

In 2001 UNStudio won the competition for the extension and refitting of the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam.  The Museum is housed in four historical synagogues from different periods, which were brought together to form one museum, and an extension which was added in 1987.

The renovation of the complex is a collaboration between several designers. As architect and supervisor UNStudio devised a ‘Masterplan’. The museum aims to improve the experience of its visitors and to present exhibitions on an international level. The main focus of the design is to utilize and reinforce the individual, unique character of the four synagogues.

For the interior the colour concept 'coloured white' is deployed; the mostly blank, plastered walls of the historical buildings are contrasted with accents of colour on the inside of closets, cabinets and furnishings.

Alongside the Masterplan, UNStudio has designed the renovated public spaces, among which the ticket counter, cloakroom, book shop, auditorium and the new museum café. In the exhibition area, a hanging system has been developed for temporary exhibitions, whilst in the excavated cellar under the 'New Synagogue' a climatized print room has been added.