News - 21 March 2017

New LED lighting scheme for the Erasmus Bridge

Photo: © ACTLD

On March 25th the new LED lighting scheme for the Erasmus Bridge will be revealed in a spectacular light show in Rotterdam.

The new energy saving scheme is the result of a collaboration between UNStudio and ACTLD, a Belgium based independent lighting and visual environment design agency.

Based on the initial lighting concept by UNStudio and a full quantitative and qualitative analysis, ACTLD provided an assessment of the new LED system for the appearance, the range and the quality of the achievable colour, the performance of the transitions between lighting schemes and the potential for further customisation.

The new lighting scheme also enables multiple lighting sequences to be featured during festive occasions and major events incorporating the Erasmus Bridge to emphasise its role in the heart of the city.

On March 25th, 2017 at 8pm, the new lighting sequences commissioned by the City of Rotterdam will be presented in an animated display over the river Maas.