Product Design

Everything we design in our Product Unit, from chairs to cutlery, is an extension of our future-proof architectural thinking. The smaller scale and faster production process allow us to experiment more boldly with cutting edge techniques, materials and technology. For example, an insight into 3D printing from our Knowledge Platforms can lead us to producing a pair of designer shoes.  

While the products we develop aren’t always linked to our architectural projects, they can be a valuable way of exploring and questioning the ways in which people interact with their environment. Together with partners including Alessi, Prooff and Walter Knoll we develop products that improve how we live and work. To shake up the workplace we designed a StandTable for a healthier, more flexible way of working, and a SitTable to improve communication. We’re also investigating ways of integrating technology into offices to reduce stress.  

Whatever the product, our spatial approach to design ensures that we always consider how it works within a larger context. A chair is never ‘just’ a chair, it’s part of a larger infrastructure to improve comfort, productivity or health. In this way, we see Product Design as part of a creative loop that inspires all our services, from Urban to Interior Design, towards greater understanding, efficiency and creativity.