News - 20 July 2017

Bigger, Bolder, Brighter - Future-proofing the Future at UNStudio

Under the leadership of Ben van Berkel and driven by his resolute vision for an expanded practice of architecture and design, the UNStudio team of Directors and knowledge experts continues to grow…

In 2017 our focus is firmly on 2027 and beyond. The future is changing faster than ever before, with the result that we are now developing strategies that not only anticipate the future, but possible changes to that future as well. This not only applies to our work, but also to our team, which continues to grow.

Ben van Berkel: “UNStudio’s innovative power lies to a large extent in our network thinking. Internally and externally we handle today’s large, complex and world-spanning projects with expert and experienced teams. People may not be aware of it, because UNStudio is known to be a creative organisation with lots of experimentation going on, but our studio and management team is growing steadily. We think it is time to let that well-kept secret out of the bag.

Left: Ben van Berkel - Founder / Principal Architect. Right: Caroline Bos - Co-founder / Principal Urban Planner.
Clockwise from top: Partners - Harm Wassink, Gerard Loozekoot, Hannes Pfau and Astrid Piber.

Our Board

Following the appointment of three Partners 10 years ago - and with the more recent addition of Hannes Pfau as Partner in charge of UNStudio Asia – heading up our current Board are Founders Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos and Partners Gerard Loozekoot, Astrid Piber, Harm Wassink and Hannes Pfau.

Under their management, over the years our projects have grown in both complexity and scale and, as a result, we have steadily expanded the Board.

From left to right: Directors - Arjan Dingste, Machteld Kors, Christian Veddeler and Ingrid Boeter.
From left to right: Associate Directors - Garett Hwang, Jan Schellhoff, Marianthi Tatari, Frans van Vuure

Expanding the Board

The Founders and Partners are closely supported by a dedicated team of four Directors and four Associate Directors.
Our Board now numbers 13 and counting…

Left: Filippo Lodi - Head of Innovation and Knowledge Management. Right: Ren Yee - Head of Innovation Strategy and Forecasting.

New appointments in Knowledge Management

Future-proofing the future means expanding our horizons and our expertise through scaling-up our skillset – both by ourselves and within our network.

As such - in addition and as support to our design services - UNStudio is dedicated to developing knowledge to improve the built environment and quality of life in the future. To ensure that we can expand and share our expertise, we have recently appointed two of our long-term Senior Architects/Associates to head up our in-house Knowledge Platforms and specialised Workfields.

Ren Yee has been appointed as Head of Innovation Strategy and Forecasting, while Filippo Lodi has taken on the role of Head of Innovation and Knowledge Management

Specialised Units

Alongside our architectural services, we also have dedicated teams specialising in Urban, Interior and Product design.

With these specialisations, a staff of over 200 from 27 countries and offices in Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Shanghai, we are in a position to offer a full-service international architecture and design network in three locations. Photos Board of Directors: © Inga Powilleit