News - 18 September 2017

Future Farming Vision presented at Landschapstriënnale


Where will our food grow in the future?

Which technological developments will change the way food is produced?

How will these innovations change the landscape of both the countryside and the city?

On Monday September 18th at the Landschapstriënnale, UNStudio in cooperation with Rabobank presented a vision for our agricultural future. The Future Farms project proposes flagship locations for farming developments in Amsterdam's regional food system. The study also explores the possibilities and potential impacts that future farming methods may have on our physical environment.
The vision consists of a proposal for an urban and a rural farm, as well as public functions within these farms in which farmers, food experts and the public can gather to explore, develop and experience food production in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam. These new Future Farms can set a global example, going beyond food production to house public programmes in the form of a food campus: research facilities, food startup incubators, food debate centers, food markets and many more items can create thriving locations to be visited by people from all ages and backgrounds.

More information about Landschapstriënnale can be found here.