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Schiphol Terminal A

Spectacular Simplicity

One of the keystones of Schiphol’s identity has always been ‘Spectacular Simplicity’ and this approach is continued in UNStudio, HOK and Arup’s vision for the new terminal. Easy and seamless connectivity ensure customer satisfaction and enhance the passenger experience. This is facilitated in the design through transparency, spatial simplicity, clear lines of sight and smooth movement flows. A high level of visual clarity enables effective use of space and creates an engaging environment for passengers and staff alike. To achieve this in an integrated manner three key motifs were formulated: The Sky, The Landscape and Best Organisation.

The Dutch are pioneers in creating and recreating their land. Technology and infrastructure are instinctive instruments to us, as we set about ordering and controlling our landscape and connecting ourselves to the wider world. The culture and identity of the Netherlands is intrinsically linked to the enduring basic elements of land, water and sky. Where these elements meet, in horizons of watery greys, is where we are at our most Dutch; where ‘Dutchness’ becomes exquisite. This is the overarching sense of place this vision endeavored to express.