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FOUR Frankfurt

Revitalising the City

Comprising four high-rise towers with a multi-storey plinth and housing mixed-use programmes, large public spaces and incorporated subsidised housing, UNStudio's design will create a 'City for All' in the heart of Frankfurt. At least 3,000 people are expected to work in the new neighbourhood, while about 1,000 people will live there. Apart from apartments and offices, the complex will also include catering, retail, hotels, local shops, a children's playground and adventure areas.
With its special location within the skyline and its adjacency to the shopping and pedestrian zones of the city centre, the project has the potential to create an area of cosmopolitan urbanism that is unique in Germany. The development operates as an urban hinge to connect the financial district with the city centre. With a diversity of publicly accessible functions not only connects former separated areas of the city, but creates a unique and lively destination for inhabitants, professionals from the Bankenviertel, neighbours and visitors. Through a sequence of two public squares and numerous pedestrian accesses the new quarter promises to become a lively new neighbourhood in Frankfurt.

New Public Space

On the site itself, new public space will be created which has been inaccessible for nearly half a century. The four towers are grouped in such a way that the central square is completely framed. The differentiation of the orientation and heights of the four high-rise buildings articulates variations within the skyline and optimises daylight penetration.

From the outside, the site opens up towards the city centre, creating a new urban quarter. New connecting routes, passages and squares will enliven the area and connect it to the pedestrian zones in the city centre. Publicly accessible spaces, such as a planned roof garden, a city square, multiple restaurants and retail outlets aim to improve the quality of time spent in the financial district. The consistent opening-up of the city quarter ensures a new network of the inner city routes between the banking district, the Rossmarkt, the Kaiserplatz and the shopping areas of the Goethestraße as far as the Old Opera House.

“FOUR Frankfurt will be built, first and foremost, for the people of Frankfurt. It will not only add to the city’s skyline, but also to the liveliness of Frankfurt as a whole. A development with this level of urban effect is particularly timely, as Frankfurt is currently taking up an even bigger role on the European stage. To play a role in this urban transition is a fantastic opportunity for UNStudio and our new consortium partners HPP.” Ben van Berkel, Founder / Principal Architect, UNStudio

“The future of the city will gravitate towards its center, and the design of the FOUR project both emphasises and enables this. By pushing the conventional boundaries of work, play, mobility and quality of life, we will once more position Frankfurt as a trendsetter.” Christian Veddeler, Director / Senior Architect, UNStudio