News - 12 February 2018

Vote Allianz Global Digital Factory for the Frame Awards

The Allianz Global Digital Factory has been nominated for the Frame Award, in the category of Large Office of the Year.

In the words of Frame:
"A design was created here for an office which resembles a converted factory loft, but reflects the innovative power of the digital age: A round trip through the Factory starts at the Market Place, a large free space Community Space and simultaneously a base for shared knowledge. It is surrounded by flexible furniture, write-on walls and retreats for spontaneous small-group discussions. An arena-seating staircase invites all participants to pitch and discuss their concepts on a large mobile monitor with integrated live streaming option. Adjacent in the Kitchen team on-boarding take place at a long table, which can also be converted into group units. Within Caves face-to-face communication is enhanced, in the round tube experiencing a feeling of shelter. The arena steps lead up to the 5th floor and the Team Space level, furnished in a completely flexible way, so that the alternating Journey Teams will shape their environment according to their needs. There are ‘Gallery and Bench Seating‘ and a ‘Swing Table‘. Moving Meeting Tree Houses invite people to work in small teams of up to 4 people. They can also be configured to form a ‘camp fire‘ pitch. The outside write-on walls of the houses are magnetic and can be pinned to. From the galleries, you have a fantastic view over the Park – a peaceful, spacious recreation zone like forest clearing. The Industry Initiative spreads over two stories offering seven meeting rooms. Through the Tunnel we arrive back at the Market Place."

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