News - 22 February 2018

'Centre Culturel' design selected for EuropaCity development

UNStudio’s design proposal for the ‘Centre Culturel Dédié Au 7è Art’ has been selected!

The design for the Centre Culturel Dédié Au 7è Art, located in the new EuropaCity development, aims to create a new kind of cinema: one with an expanded programme that includes media and production facilities, whilst also fully embracing  the ‘Cinéma en plein air ‘ culture.

Ben van Berkel: “Cinemas are the perfect example of concealed architecture. The cinema is the one type of building that becomes invisible once you step inside it. You spend up to two hours in a darkened room, immersed in the alternative space and time of the imagination…and then you leave. This limited user experience of the cinema as a venue led to the key concept that drove our design: the desire to create a building that in its totality offers a much more extensive experience of cinema.”

Located on the Triangle de Gonesse, in a public development operated by Grand Paris Aménagement, EuropaCity is one of the emblematic projects of Greater Paris. This innovative project, with a private investment of 3.1 billion euros, is led by Immochan France and Dalian Wanda Group.
The EuropaCity development is expected to be completed in 2024.