News - 18 April 2018

New Budapest Bridge design unanimously selected for South Budapest

UNStudio unanimously selected for the New Budapest Bridge from 17 design proposals

We are extremely happy to announce that our design for the New Budapest Bridge has been selected for development. We look forward to working with Buro Happold Engineering on this incredible infrastructural project. This is the first international bridge design competition in Hungary for over 120 years, and will also be our first project in Hungary.

Read more about our design here.

From the Jury:

"From an urban design point of view, this is the most well thought out entry. The bridge would be both an architectural and cityscape symbol, but is simultaneously a traditional and functional bridge structure that does not impinge on its environment. The coherent design and lighting of the gates and piers make for an elegant evening view, worthy of a Budapest bridge. The form factor of the abutments meshes well with the structure […] With its deck structure, suspended from pylons inclined towards the end spans and bent backwards along the top, this bridge is statically one of the best designed proposals [...] No overpass structures are used for the off-ramp, enabling it to connect to the ground-level road network at Budafoki street. This makes the area around the Budafoki interchange much more human, usable and urban-friendly […] This is exactly the sort of solution needed for supporting the development of the city sub-center, and for extending the core of Budapest Southwards.”