News - 29 May 2018

UNStudio and USM to collaborate again at 'The WorkHouse'

Following the success of The PlayGround at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, UNStudio and Swiss furniture brand USM will collaborate again in June on The WorkHouse: a participatory project based at the Wehrmühle Biesenthal on the outskirts of Berlin. The WorkHouse is a speculative laboratory where the invention and articulation of new models of work will be explored and experimented with by participants.

For this project, UNStudio has designed a room-filling installation using USM modules that dissolves the boundaries of furniture and its traditional functions. Throughout the duration of The WorkHouse, the installation will become a walk-in space for working together, eating together and sharing creative discourse.

The six week laboratory
From June 1st to July 15th, the Wehrmühle Biesenthal will be transformed into a test laboratory, where theses on the future of work, from the post-work utopia to the concept in which work and life blend together, will be set up, reviewed and discussed. Based on this experience, the participants will formulate new working models with the goal of finding out how design can provide future solutions for new forms of organisation and the demands of the working world.

Schedule and events:
OpenHouse - Sat, June 2nd, 14:00 – 20:00:
For the opening, USM will be hosting the OpenHouse, with lectures, workshops, food, drinks and nature. Guests will also be invited to discover UNStudio’s installation and The WorkHouse.
Participation in the OpenHouse is subject to availability after registering at
Places are limited. For more information about the event and the programme, please visit

PlayLabs – Two-day workshops for developing visions of the future:
In June, USM and UNStudio will host the PlayLabs. Three workshops, each with six participants are led by Tellart, the award-winning design studio based in Amsterdam. During each two-day workshop, participants from various disciplines will design possible scenarios in small teams from four perspectives: Function, space, human idiosyncrasies as well as work and everyday routines.
A total of six participants will be selected for each PlayLab. Experts from a range of disciplines including psychology, anthropology, business, design and technology will be selected by USM.

Participate in the dialogue - stay overnight in The WorkHouse via Airbnb:
If you would like to experience The WorkHouse yourself and participate in the dialogue about the future of work and design, you can book a stay in one of the six guest rooms on non-event days. Designed as a co-working and co-living space, visitors can experiment with what it is like to combine living and working, either individually or as part of a team. In return, each guest will simply leave behind their vision of the working world of the future in the form of drawings, sketches, videos or text messages. The stay itself can be booked free of charge upon request, except for the token amount of 8 euros and airbnb's processing fee. (subject to availability).

For more information, visit