UNStudio Completes New Flagship Store for Huawei in Shanghai UNStudio Completes New Flagship Store for Huawei in Shanghai
新闻 - 1 二月 2024

UNStudio Completes New Flagship Store for Huawei in Shanghai

Designed by UNStudio, the new flagship store for Huawei, a leading Chinese pioneer in information and communications technology and smart products, is a distinct and user-driven customer experience that integrally incorporates people, nature and technology.

Inspired by nature and by Huawei’s ‘Harmony’ operating system, UNStudio devised a design concept to create an experience-rich concept that caters to consumer preferences.

“Among the many interfaces found in retail nowadays, the flagship store we have created for Huawei in Shanghai is one that blends interactive experiences, technology and community creation,” says UNStudio founder and principal architect, Ben van Berkel. To create this synergy, the geometry of the two-storey Huawei Taikoo Li flagship store is based on biophilic forms that seamlessly transition from outside to inside.

Throughout the two-storey flagship store are spaces for gathering, relaxing and sharing. There is also a HUAWEI Community area that is open to all visitors and can be configured flexibly depending on requirements. Here visitors can take part in Huawei’s public lectures, cultural activities and fitness and health events. A café is locatded across from the lecture and event space, where customers can relax while awaiting after-sale services.

“The new store reimagines modern retail spaces as inviting environments that promote a sense of community and provide a contemporary venue for consumers and visitors to meet, share and innovate,” van Berkel continues.

Huawei’s newest store also includes advanced ventilation systems and real-time monitoring to ensure high indoor air quality and greenery is added to create a pleasant environment for customers and visitors alike.

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