News - 5 November 2018

FOUR Frankfurt presented at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


As part of the BIM-Werkberichte lecture series on Building Lifecycle Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Christian Robles from UNStudio and Jacob Kramer from HPP Architects join Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt from Digitales Bauen and Leila Abdolnazari of Groß & Partner to present FOUR Frankfurt.

Comprising four high-rise towers with a multi-storey plinth, FOUR Frankfurt will house mixed-use programmes, large public spaces and incorporated subsidised housing. At least 3,000 people are expected to work in the new neighbourhood, while about 1,000 people will live there. Apart from apartments and offices, the complex will also include catering, retail, hotels, local shops, a children's playground and adventure areas.

At the event on the KIT campus in Karlsruhe, the architects, engineers and developers involved in the project will give their insights into the interdisciplinary cooperation between them, with a specific focus on the application of BIM methodology.

More information about the lecture can be found on the KIT website here.