News - 11 January 2021

Coming Soon: New Delta Light x UNStudio Collaboration

In the coming weeks, UNStudio and Delta Light will be revealing a new collaboration – a highly flexible lighting solution designed to improve human wellbeing in our hybrid physical-digital world.

UNStudio and Delta Light have joined forces to create a new lighting solution aimed at improving the wellbeing of people in our rapidly changing work environments, where human health and the war on talent have become a primary focus for employers.

Ben van Berkel, UNStudio’s founder and principal architect, explained why design needs to embrace the opportunities presented by new and emerging technologies.

“We believe that human health and wellbeing form the impetus for a new era of design, and that the incorporation of new and emerging technologies in the built environment plays a central role in this,” he said.

“Data and smart technologies are now seamlessly intertwined with our daily activities, but these tools can also be used to improve our buildings and cities and the lives of the people using them,” he added, highlighting that “numerous environmental factors directly affect our wellbeing and our health, including light, sound, scent, air quality and temperature.”

The new lighting solution was developed by our in-house UNSx unit, in consultation with Delta Light.

Made up of a multidisciplinary design and strategy team, UNSx is our new innovation thinktank and experience lab, on a mission to create a better quality of life for people and the planet.

Keep an eye on the Delta Light website for updates too.