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UNStudio Manifesto

This time 30 years ago, UNStudio was just a pen, a drawing board, and an idea in two young minds: Ben van Berkel, a lecturer at TU Delft, and Caroline Bos, an art historian and architectural journalist. At their kitchen table, they sketched out their first designs, and the future of UNStudio. Since then, we have not stopped moving, and we have no intention of stopping. Fast forward 30 years and we are operating from six international offices and designing in over 30 countries.

Joining Ben and Caroline are over 200 architects and designers. Every day, these designers shape the resilient world they want to live in, focusing every inch of design around human needs: connecting fast-growing communities, housing cultural institutions, building homes, harnessing emerging technologies, educating young people, and most importantly, cultivating knowledge.

Our past, present and future is all about connecting people to places and to each other, in relevant, flexible and future-proof ways. We have built the foundations of our company along those very same future-proof principles, and with that brave, complex and exciting future in mind… and the good news is, we are just getting started.

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