Interior Interior


How we design interiors at UNStudio goes far beyond a decorative approach: we adopt a holistic strategy based on our understanding of combining space, structure and technology in an inclusive manner. All our interiors, from exhibition stands to airport terminals, are rooted in a deep understanding and working knowledge of architectural materials and innovative technology. UNSInterior harnesses these values to create instinctive spaces that blur the boundaries between architecture, interior design and art in a multi-sensory experience.

As interiors are on a much more human scale than buildings, we can implement our experience and expertise on a more intimate level. What people can see, feel and hear in a space can be tightly controlled and explored to create memorable, personalised experiences for every visitor or resident. Whether it’s for a brand or a family, our interiors reinvent and transform the perception of the spaces they occupy to add value, comfort, wellbeing and pleasure.