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The sheer scale of a city, with all its functions, zones and forms of transport, requires multiple design strategies. That’s why the foundation of our urban planning ethos is understanding the client’s (and the city’s) ambitions. With these firmly in mind, UNSUrban focuses on visioning, research and data analysis to frame goals and priorities for each aspect of the built environment. We work locally and globally on projects varying from small city objects (benches, bus stops, street lighting) to regional development assessments and masterplans.

Every project begins with rigorous research into the city’s economic, formal, political and social make-up. We then use computational tools, physical models, sketches and raw data calculation to guarantee the best possible urban planning scenario for each project’s needs. This may include how to balance the distance between residential and commercial areas in order to stimulate residents and workers to move more, or mapping out potential growth systems. At the end of this process, an infrastructure is in place for the architectural design of a dynamic and flexible organisation of space that leads to safer, healthier cities.

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Dana Behrman

Associate Director / Senior Urban Designer
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