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“Innovating and rethinking how we live, work, move and interact, we create experiences, environments, products and services that support and enhance the experience of people and the planet.”

Innovative people and planet centric experiences
UNSx is UNStudio’s experience design team, creating physical and digital experiences through innovative and interdisciplinary people- and planet-centered solutions. Our team of architects, computational designers, product designers, creative strategists, VR/AR specialists and sustainability consultants, enables us to design solutions for the built environment that connect people and planet, as well as physical and digital realms. Experimenting with and implementing new methodologies, technologies, processes, and materials into our design process is an intrinsic part of our approach. Recent projects include adaptive and responsive work environments, a biometric sensitive space that help users lower their stress levels, as well as developing products and services that nudge users to adapt carbon neutral lifestyle habits. Deeply rooted in a user-centric perspective, our designs strive to enhance the shared experience of interacting with the built environment through a deep understanding of the needs, pain points and motivation of the users.

Co-creating inclusive solutions
Our work is driven by the mission to improve the lived experience of the end-users as well as the stakeholders who service and manage the ecosystems around our designs. Transcending the physical boundaries of design, we aim to set new interactions in motion that bring positive impact to user, community, industry and city. Following the key phases of the design thinking methodology, we work towards an end-result through empathizing with the end-user, defining key insights, ideating on the design challenge at hand, and iterating on design concepts before we bring a design to life. To ensure our designs meet the requirements and positively impact the end-users and stakeholders involved, we have adapted a co-creative design process that invites various stakeholders and users into each step of our process to inform our decision-making. From research, to ideation and implementation phases we facilitate workshops to weave different perspectives into the design proposal and ensure we accomplish a high level of inclusivity in design.

Product Design
We design products defined by resiliency, ranging from climate adaptive paints to versatile workplace furniture for dynamic spaces. We are proud to partner and collaborate with globally recognized brands like Alessi and Walter Knoll. Our award winning designs include The Coolest White, an ultra-durable paint that protects buildings and urban structures from excessive solar radiation, which won the Architizer A+ Award. In essence, our approach to product design accounts for both human and planetary needs.

Service and Strategic Design
Our service and strategic design work is deeply rooted in our fascination with the sheer rate at which the world is changing world and our understanding of the systematic implications. Expanding the human centric to a planet centric perspective, we always take into account the impact of our designs for the local and global ecosystem, from the materials used, production processes and supporting technology. Health and wellbeing are core values for our service and strategic design services.

Built Environment
We create spaces from the scale of a few square meters to large new urban district. Regardless of size, we set out to redesign the experience of the space we create. By focusing on how design affects behavior we experiment with new ways of establishing a sense of space, through art interventions, novel wayfinding solutions, data-driven services that facilitate the spatial experience or even by connecting virtual aspects to our physical design.

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Filippo Lodi

Director / Senior Architect

William de Boer

Head of Product Development / Associate
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