Apply for an Internship

UNStudio can only accept a small number of interns every year, for a minimum period of 6-12 months. Please indicate in your application the period during which you are available. It is not possible to have an interview without an application and invitation.

Internship openings are listed on the careers page, and applications must be submitted through these advertisements.

Internship applicants for all of our offices must be students who are currently registered in University, and who will not graduate before completing the internship. In order to make international exchange possible we encourage students to get a grant from the Leonardo/Erasmus programme. Your university should be able to supply you with information and UNStudio will support you in your application. If applicable, UNStudio will also assist you in applying for a visa for your residence and work permit.  Interns in our Amsterdam office will work on one of our Knowledge Platforms for the first four weeks of their internship. 

For non-EU internship candidates who are interested in applying to our Amsterdam office, recent changes in Dutch visa permit regulations require these applicants to provide UNStudio with an original letter from their University which states that their internship is a compulsory part of their study, after they have been selected for the internship. Without this letter, beginning an internship at this office is unfortunately not possible. 

Additionally, for those interested in applying to our Shanghai office, recent changes in Chinese visa permit regulations require all applicants to either:

1.  be in possession of a Chinese Mainland passport/ID Card, or

2.  currently hold a student visa for an architectural degree program at a University in China. Students must be able to provide an Internship Certificate arranged by their University sponsoring them to take part in the internship.  

Applicants interested in applying to our Hong Kong Office must have a Hong Kong passport/ID Card.

Applications should include: Visuals of your work (designs and technical drawings from both academic and previous internships), CV (including personal data, experience, software knowledge) and preferred period of internship.

When sending your application please ensure you indicate that you are applying for an Internship in the Subject line, and attach your portfolio and CV as separate PDFs not exceeding 10MB. Applications without a portfolio will not be considered. Note that online portfolios, personal websites or download links for documents on any online storage platform will not be reviewed.